Cegos at the forefront of learning as a strategic factor in competitiveness

Pubblicato il : 11/01/2016
WHAT'S NEW IN TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT FOR 2016As a worldwide leader, Cegos firmly believes that learning is there to equip people with the professional skills they need and speed up enterprise transformation. More than ever before, training is a strategic investment for businesses and a key competitiveness factor.Cegos caters for both individual and collective professional development goals by offering the most comprehensive line-up of solutions on the market.As another learning year begins, we look at what's new at Cegos for 2016.José Montes, Cegos Group Chairman, details the Group's view of this new situation:"The impact of the Training Reform in France extends beyond the mere training community. After being seen as an expense up until now, training has become an investment. Cegos is very well placed to guide and support organisations through this transition. First of all, because of our proven experience on international markets, where training is traditionally 'unregulated': France has been something of an exception up until now. Secondly, because of the drive to innovate that is inherent in the Cegos DNA and which, this year again, has spawned a wide variety of new features.In practice, our solutions are grounded in three resolutely complementary fundamentals:
  • Market a range of solutions that directly address each person's professional development goals
  • Design and implement bespoke solutions that will guide and support businesses through their major transformations
  • Continue to lead the way on the question of learning effectiveness, a key competitiveness factor and more important now than ever"
#01 DEVELOP EACH PERSON'S PROFESSIONAL SKILLSThe Cegos training range continues to evolve and now offers the broadest selection of solutions on the market, with something to meet every need: more experimentation, learning communities, tailored learning programmes, on-the-job training, and mobile learning.Guillaume Huot, Board Member and head of the Open Courses business, explains:"Developing people's professional skills is becoming a core concern in an ever-changing economy. Line-of-business skills are changing increasingly quickly. By constantly revising not only the content but also the formats offered to our customers, we know that the training solutions we implement are perfectly suited to what people need from professional training today: to acquire a solid set of cross-cutting skills to become more adaptable, onboard the changes specific to their job field, retrain for a different job, or boost their employability."Because digital technology is the key to customising training paths and adapting to individual learning preferences, today 50% of the Cegos range is blended. Cegos has decided to maintain its blended learning solutions, using the 70 - 20 - 10 learning model:
  • 70% of learning by doing, in the form of hands-on experience and participants' on-the-job training
  • 20% of informal learning with other people, essentially through discussions with other professionals, communities of expertise (Cegos subject-matter blogs) and peer coaching
  • 10% of formal learning (with a Cegos expert or through the e-learning library, etc)
#02 GUIDE AND SUPPORT ENTERPRISE TRANSFORMATIONThrough its range of operational consulting services and its results-oriented approach, Cegos guides and supports organisations' change-management initiatives and high-stakes training projects, mainly in the fields of training management, human resources, management, sales and marketing, digital transformation and information systems.In a broader perspective, the adoption of digital technology involves companies in a far-reaching change that affects both their business and their organisation. Cegos offers made-to-measure solutions, drawing on its comprehensive range of services (diagnosis, consulting, support, training), learning formats (classroom learning, co-development, e-learning modules, videoconferences, webcasts, multimedia and multi-device solutions, etc), the learning experience delivered (Learning Management System interfaces, etc), services and customer relations (dematerialised training content, web platforms, etc).Because digital transformation is a global issue, Cegos is able to capitalise on the international projects the Group has conducted recently for big companies keen to familiarise their teams with digital technology or even switch whole functions or business lines over to digital technology on a global scale.In France, to meet the dual objective of professional development and investment arising from the reform, Cegos offers companies a specific, bespoke approach.Annick Allegret, Board Member in charge of Consultancy and In-house Training, explains:"With the new regulatory framework, it is in companies' interest to manage their training policy like a strategic investment. Our support role consists in helping them optimise their training investment (providing a more compact, less expensive solution that has a greater operational impact). This support solution sets out to analyse every aspect of their training policy, then develop it into a fully-fledged Professional Development Strategy, and support the operational staff and training stakeholders through the change."#03 THE RETURN ON INVESTMENT IN LEARNING, A KEY OBJECTIVE FOR COMPANIESBecause training is an investment in enhancing people's employability and therefore companies' competitiveness, Cegos uses three factors to help companies measure the value of their investment:
  • The variety of training courses offered by Cegos, in terms of both topics and formats, lets each customer optimise the spend, depending on the budget and the time available.
  • Cegos' engineering is fundamentally focused on operational transposition. Learning effectiveness is therefore proven, since learners can apply what they learnt during the course in what they do at work, no sooner have they returned from the course.
  • Lastly, Cegos offers an appropriate, thorough system for evaluating the effectiveness of learning: it measures satisfaction, learning outcomes, whether the outcomes are applied on the job, and the operational impact of the training. Within the next few weeks, a specific offer will be rolled out to evaluate this last point.
#04 ONGOING INNOVATION AT CEGOS PUTS LEARNERS FIRSTCegos has invested €25 million in R&D since 2000. The Group's Development Department is deploying an "Agility for innovative learning" approach, using agility and open innovation to develop innovative training solutions that fit new learning styles, and are accessible and useful for everyone.Catherine Goutte, Cegos Group Director of Development, explains:"We have set up an innovation cluster – a discussion group made up of businesses and universities, meeting in a non-institutional setting to develop tomorrow's learning solutions. We hold "battles of concepts" to test avenues for innovation. The new concepts selected are validated and tested, in an iterative approach, before being put on the market. Some of the results of this research can be seen in the on-the-job "3-hour course in…" and "One-day Focus" formats, and the new Cegos blended courses."