Corso di formazione: Public Speaking in English

Practice your communication and presentation skills New

  • Practice Face to face
  • Obiettivo: Efficacia

Totally practical, the course addresses to participants who already have theoretical knowledge of the item in question.

Public speaking expertise is a “must-have” tool in a manager’s toolbox. Developing the ability to expertly balance content knowledge and presentation skills is key to getting the message across and convincing an audience. This short practical seminar covers the fundamentals of public speaking offering participants opportunities to improve their skills.

Programma del corso

Exercises on the following subjects:

  • Become aware of your communication skills
  • The basics of effective communication
  • Plan your presentation based on: audience, goals, contents, duration, visuals
  • How to structure an effective slideshow
  • Managing stress
  • Become aware of your personal presentation style and key strengths

A chi è rivolto

  • All those who need to address a given audience in a variety of settings (meetings of all sizes, conventions, seminars, briefings) and wish to grow their self-confidence and influencing skills while keeping their stress levels under check.

This course is run in English. A good command of English is therefore required. As a matter of course we administer an online English test.


  • To prepare, structure and deliver a successful presentation
  • To improve your expressive, linguistic and stage skills
  • To make the best possible use of your allocated time
  • To deliver your contents and captivate the audience
  • To handle stress successfully and make it work for you


4 hour course entirely devoted to practice exercises, simulations, role-play to consolidate competences referred to the theoretical elements already known.
Durata 0.5 giorni (4 ore )
WebCode: 1.3.29P
Quota:480,00 € IVA esclusa
Durata 0.5 giorni (4 ore )
WebCode: 1.3.29P
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20 Nov - 20 Nov

La location del corso verrà confermata 1 settimana prima dell'inizio del corso (2 settimane per i corsi blended).